For Musicians

As a child and young adult I studied violin and voice. Realizing at an early age that I did not possess the talent to become a professional musician, I found my passion working in the field of psychology.

My familiarity with the mechanics, lifestyle, and challenges of music making has put me in a unique position to understand the concerns of performing musicians. I have helped world-renowned soloists and orchestral musicians perform at their highest level and meet the emotional challenges of this demanding and rewarding profession.

I provide counseling and skills development for:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Stress management and injury prevention
  • Emotional and personality issues that affect musicality
  • Interpersonal stresses of orchestral and chamber music performance
  • Family issues that arise from musical careers

I also bring my expertise to aspiring musicians at The Curtis Institute of Music. As Head of their Mental Health Team, I help students manage the stress of their burgeoning talents and develop the psychological resilience to achieve their musical ambitions.