My philosophy of treatment:

Most people enter therapy because they want to improve something in their life. They have found that despite their best efforts, they have been unable to meet their measures of personal and professional success.

I have found that therapy can help by shifting the focus from past limitations to accessing new skills and talents. Learning different ways to solve problems and manage your emotional reactions will help you have a more enjoyable and successful life.

I recognize that every individual has a unique perspective on what is important in their lives and how they want to approach therapy. I will work with you to develop solutions specific to your values, lifestyle, and life challenges. Together we will discuss your priorities and determine the frequency of our meetings and the goals for our sessions.

What I bring to our work together:

  • Breadth of knowledge and resources
  • A pragmatic treatment approach that takes into account your real-life constraints
    (time, money, job and family)
  • The ability to identify attitudes and behaviors that block progress
  • Multidisciplinary training that enables me to understand and solve your problems creatively
  • Sense of humor that sets you at ease and helps you look at your situation more positively
  • Years of experience working with individuals and groups in business, health care and education