Dr. Ellen L. Wright, Ph.D. Psychologist

Dr. Wright is a licensed Psychologist in private practice in Center City, Philadelphia. She works with adults and young adults (16 years +) facing emotional, interpersonal, career and medical challenges. Her years of experience as an individual and group therapist, teacher, and supervisor are evident in her unique and practical approach to psychotherapy.

Dr. Wright is recognized for her innovative application of psychological theories to areas often considered outside traditional mental health concerns -- musical performance, medical illness, business consulting, and education. She believes that psychology and theories of human emotion and behavior have a very positive role in helping people reach their professional and personal goals.

Dr. Wright is a dynamic speaker and consultant who has a talent for communicating difficult clinical issues with clarity and humor. She has conducted seminars throughout North America, Australia, and Europe, and has lectured and authored papers on innovative treatment approaches. More>

Dr. Wright received her B.A. from Princeton University where she was a Woodrow Wilson Scholar and received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Temple University. Dr. Wright completed her internship at Thomas Jefferson University Medical School, and also served as a Research Associate and Lecturer. Her post-doctoral education continued with training and certification in Modern Psychoanalysis and group therapy.

Trained by group therapy master Louis Ormont, Dr. Wright is a skilled group leader and teacher. Dr. Wright is a founding member of The Center for Group Studies in New York City, where she is a supervisor and sought-after presenter. She conducts group training for professionals both locally and in the Pacific Northwest.

As Head of the Mental Health Team at the world-renowned Curtis Institute of Music, Dr. Wright provides treatment for the emotional and performance issues of this gifted and diverse student population. She has been instrumental in the formulation of policies addressing student mental health and student life. Dr. Wright serves as a resource for the faculty, administration and other members of the mental health team. See the music page for more information.

In addition to her private practice, Dr. Wright is Co-Founder and Director of the Clinical Practice Enrichment Series, which offers continuing education workshops for Mental Health Professionals in Philadelphia, New York and the Pacific Northwest. Her years of experience as an individual and group therapist, teacher, and supervisor are evident in the unique and practical topics she offers workshop participants.



  • American Psychological Association
  • Pennsylvania Psychological Association
  • American Group Therapy Association
  • National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis